Take to the Skies

It was a cold winter morning and the weak rays of sun lit the mountains beautifully. As with any weekend my husband and I kicked it off with our usual Saturday morning Starbucks. We chatted about our plans for the weekend and little things that had happened over the course of the week. As with most of our morning chats the conversation eventually shifted to travel and deciding on the next destination we’d like to visit. While dreaming of exotic destinations, we gazed at the beautiful artwork and unique touches included in the design of that Starbucks; there were many aviation inspired elements including photos of airplanes which reflect the heritage of our city’s international airport. These details were not lost on my husband who loves anything aviation related. Although he’s attended numerous air shows and loved planes since he was little, he’s never flown a plane…little did he know that was about to change that day!

I was so excited to surprise him with a flight for his birthday! Thanks to my amazing friend Natasha, who’s a pilot and flight instructor, I was able to pull it off! To say that he was excited was an understatement! Unlike my husband, I’m definitely a nervous flier…although I really have no reason to be; I’ve been on numerous flights as well as flown in a helicopter without incident but I was still a little worried. In the end I decided I couldn’t miss out on such an memorable experience; I’m thankful I decided to suck it up because the views were spectacular and I was so amazed with my husband’s smooth flying. He was even able to control the yoke during landing which was impressive for a first time pilot. I’m so thankful I was able to share such an amazing experience with him and have a feeling this won’t be the last time I ride in a plane he pilots.

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