Snowy Winter Portraits: Charlie & Andy

Just before Christmas we were blessed with a beautiful snowy day in Vancouver. The peaceful falling snow was the perfect prelude to Christmas and made it feel even more festive. A snowy setting makes for the most beautiful backdrop for photos, specifically those with the one you love the most. Capturing a portrait session in the snow was one of my 101 in 1001 days and I was thrilled to be able to achieve it before the end of the year!

Charlie and Andy are close friends of mine and my husband; Charlie and I go way back (we’ve been friends for thirteen years), I had the honour of being a part of their wedding, and them a part of ours and we had the pleasure of vacationing in Kauai and Oahu together this year! Since moving to Alberta three years ago, we don’t see each other as much as we’d like so I was happy to have them home for Christmas this year. We’d planned to get together as much as possible (including a time for portraits) before they headed down south for a vacation in the sun; I was thrilled to see the falling snow the day before we had initially planned to meet up and was so thankful they were free that afternoon to meet. They brought along their adorable chocolate lab, Mae, whom they rescued shortly after moving to Alberta; she definitely completes their little family.

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