101 in 1001 days

101 in 1001 photo

I’m a list maker, simply put, I write list for everything. Goals, travel, if you can name it, I make lists for it. The concept of completing 101 goals in 1001 days is nothing new, but it’s something I’ve never done. Since my blog is a place where I not only share my work but also personal posts, I figure what better way to start than to share my goals with you! Much like my blog, my goals are a mix of professional and personal aspirations that I hope to accomplish in the next 1001 days…or more. I hope you have fun reading through, I’d love to hear if we share a couple!

Start date: November 26, 2013
End date: August 23, 2016

1. Swim in a waterfall
2. Hike the crater of a volcano
3. Buy a Shootsac
4. Travel to London to visit family
5. Knit an infinity scarf
6. Design business cards
7. Wine tasting in Napa Valley
8. Celebrate our wedding anniversary in Maui
9. Go on a one week road trip
10. Swim with dolphins
11. Buy a 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II
12. Visit New York City
13. Attend WPPI in Las Vegas
14. Shoot a destination wedding
15. See the Grand Canyon
16. Buy a house!
17. Wine tasting in Provence
18. Photograph a portrait session in the snow
19. Road trip through California
20. Organize a styled shoot
21. Visit Lake Powell
22. Focus on refining my brand
23. Attend Jasmine Star’s workshop
24. Create an inspiration board to define my brand and photography style
25. Swim in the Mediterranean Sea
26. Buy a MacBook Pro
27. Get my website up and running
28. Shoot a promotional video
29. Use my photography to support a charity
30. Meet new local photographers
31. Drive the Oregon Coast
32. Have my work featured on a wedding blog
33. Read one book on growing my business
34. Visit Florida and drive the Overseas Highway
35. Get to know local vendors
36. Buy a 85mm f/1.2L II
37. Become a member of an online group of local photographers
38. Work with a graphic designer on branding my business
39. Share photos from our trip to Kauai this year
40. Visit my best friend and her husband in Calgary
41. Visit Cinque Terre
42. Decide on the most efficient delivery of high resolution images to my clients
43. Design an album of our wedding photos
44. Complete the interior design of my home office
45. Take an online photography course to expand my knowledge
46. Bicycle through the French countryside
47. Drive on the Autobahn
48. Leave my day job to focus on photography full time
49. Second shoot with my wedding photographer Anna Kim
50. See humpback whales in Maui
51. Spend Christmas somewhere with palm trees
52. Rent bicycles and ride the Seawall
53. Visit Cannon Beach and drive the Pacific Coast Highway
54. Learn to use Adobe Illustrator
55. Create a gallery wall of my photos from Hawaii
56. Buy a 24mm f/1.4L
57. Visit San Francisco
58. Skate on an outdoor rink
59. Create a photo album of our honeymoon in Maui
60. Take a gondola ride along the canals in Venice
61. Buy an iMac
62. Visit Prague
63. Network with photographers who have common goals and photography style
64. Place a lock on le Pont de l’Archevêché in Paris
65. Listen to Jose Villa speak
66. Take a cooking class
67. Visit Lake Tahoe
68. Have a picnic on the Champs de Mars
69. Ride the London Eye
70. Attend a photography conference
71. Stay in an authentic villa
72. Buy a stylish leather camera bag
73. Design personalized thank you cards
74. Create a photo album of our trip to Kauai
75. Host a tea party
76. Buy 100mm f/2.8L
77. Visit friends in Chicago
78. Write my favourite recipes on cute recipe cards
79. Visit Ladurée in Paris
80. Buy a new car
81. Surprise my husband with an amazing gift
82. Shoot a portrait session in the Okanagan
83. Travel to Santorini, Greece somewhere I’ve wanted to visit since I was in high school
84. Watch the sun set in the exact spot we did the night of our wedding
85. Listen to Elizabeth Messina speak
86. Visit Cathedral Grove
87. Host a photography giveaway
88. Finish styling our bar cart
89. Photograph a portrait session on a beach
90. Drive across the Golden Gate
91. Ride a trolley car
92. Visit a castle
93. Develop a thank you package for clients
94. Shop on Fifth Avenue
95. See Cirque du Soleil O
96. Buy a Speedlite 600EX-RT
97. Photograph a session outside of Canada
98. Host a girls night where everyone gets to wear their wedding dresses
99. Visit Croatia
100. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge
101. Take a hot air balloon ride

In case you’re wondering, the beach pictured in the photo above is my favorite beach! It’s a secluded beach located on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai that can only be reached via a long and extremely pothole filled road. The water is amazingly turquoise and extremely transparent making it amazing for swimming, snorkelling and of course, staring in wonderment.

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