Fall Portraits

The transition from summer to fall was seamless this year in Vancouver. Coming off an amazing sun-filled summer, fall did not disappoint with gorgeous, warm days that to the unsuspecting person could almost pass as summer. Being a lover of golden light, I promised myself that I would take advantage of each and every opportunity I had to shoot during those beautiful afternoons. One of those sunny afternoons my husband and I went on a walk along one of our favourite paths. It’s one of my favourite places to explore because the setting is breathtaking; massive birch trees, diffused golden light and the peaceful sound of birds make it perfectly serene. I was so happy that I decided to take my camera along and was able to capture a few photos of my husband. So without further ado, I introduce you to my wonderful, goofy and oh-so loving husband, Pat.

IMG_0220fall portraits 4IMG_0166fall portraits 7IMG_0405fall portraits 2IMG_0273fall portraits 1IMG_0416fall portraits 8

Never a dull moment being married to this guy!

IMG_0281fall portraits 5IMG_0223IMG_0403fall portraits 9IMG_0329IMG_0497

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